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One morning we found a hole in our beloved Persian rug the size of a 50p coin – no doubt the work of the nearby fireplace. My wife frantically searched the internet for a solution and came across Kilimshop.co.uk. With some apprehension we handed over the rug only to be pleasantly surprised 3 weeks later when the rug was returned and I struggled to locate the repair work. The price wasn’t too bad either. Brilliant work!

Niels Clemen Jensen
Senior Partner
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The testimonials on this website encouraged me to make an appointment for a professional’s assessment about what to do about a much-loved and much-worn late 19th century carpet I inherited from my grandparents.  Now having spent a few months in the care of the Kilim Shop professionals, these pictures demonstrate that the carpet is breath-takingly back to its original state.  I highly recommend Mr Safa.
Laura H.
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Magnificent !!

Tenet Designs
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I have recently had my Afghan rug repaired at Kilimshop and I cannot praise the work highly enough.

I was devastated when my puppy ate a considerable amount of my rug and couldn't believe I would ever find a way to repair the damage.
A frantic search of the Internet led me to Kilimshop.co.uk. I emailed explaining the situation and got a reply almost immediately. When I sent photographs of the damage I was assured a repair could be undertaken and was given a very reasonable quote for the work.

The rug was collected from my house and delivered back again once the work had been completed.
I am amazed at the quality of the repair as no one would know it had ever been damaged. It is impossible to tell where the dog had chewed it. To say that I am delighted is an under statement and I cannot recommend the company highly enough.

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Persian Baluch Rug with a severe damage in the main field was requested to be repaired. We have taken a small section of the rug out and shortened it by couple of inches, this enabled us to remove most of the damage and also gave us an identical spare parts to use as patches.
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Our antique kilim rug was expertly cleaned and repaired, restored to its beautiful original appearance - we were really pleased with the results.
Somerset Spa
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Repairs to this Turkish Kilim was carried out at our workshop here in London, using authentic kilim wool and dyes.
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Thank you very much for doing such a nice job on my kilim - we are very pleased.

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Moth infestation caused this Persian Shiraz rug some damage. Several holes were repaired and moth treatment applied to eliminate further infestations.
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