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Rinsing and Drying Rugs

After immersion washing and rinsing the majority of the shampoo out of your rugs we will extract the remaining water using our 12 feet rug rinsing machine. This will extract 95% of the moisture out of the thickest rug just under three minutes reducing the drying time dramatically.
Your rugs

  • Will dry quicker and smell fresher,
  • Will not suffer from fringe discolouration, no more bleached and weakened fringes,
  • Colours will not run due to reduced moisture,
  • Have a thorough rinse.

Rug Cleaning Prices
£25 square meter all inclusive

Call us ON

020 8144 2474

Free Phone

0800 612 7847


0790 451 6404

Workshop Address
Unit 18, New Lydenburg Commercial Estate
New Lydenburg Street
Charlton (Near O2 Arena)
0800 612 7847
0800 612 RUGS
0790 451 6404
020 8144 2474 (Office Only , Please use Free Phone or Mobile Number for Customer Enquiries.)
Rug cleaning insurance details

Click Here to view our £1.000.000
Public Liability
insurance Live.