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Moth can cause quite a devastation to your rugs follow few simple steps to protect your rugs

  • Have your rugs regularly cleaned
  • Vacuum both sides of your rug
  • Do not place heavy furniture on your rugs and if this can not be avoided make sure that it gets regularly hoovered.
  • Do not store your rugs for long periods of time
  • If you are going to put your rugs away for a period of time, have them cleaned first and moth treated to avoid a possible disaster.

Moth Damaged Rugs and Free Moth Treatment

With most of us having centrally heated homes and the mild weather we have been enjoying there has been a huge increase in the infestation of moth in carpets and rugs. If you are reading this you are probably effected too. We can successfully treat moth in your carpets and rugs. We apply our moth treatment after cleaning your rugs and it stays in your rug long enough to break the cycle of moth breeding again.

Our moth treatment is absolutely free of charge for every rug we clean, Please request this when you book or when we collect your rug.

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