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  • No. A full wash process for an Oriental rug involves dusting, immersion in cold water, gentle scrubbing, rinsing, spinning and finally hanging in an area adjusted for temperature and humidity. This is why we need to take your away to give it the clean it deserves. A rug cleaned at home will just be surface clean whilst the base will be full of dirt and grit, which will continue to damage your valued possession. It may also be left damp which can allow rot to set in or allow the colours to bleed.
  • No. The dry-cleaning process strips the lanolin from the wool (its natural protection) and leaves it brittle so it will wear much more rapidly.
  • No. To complete all of the above stages takes specialist knowledge, experience and equipment. Anyone you use should be happy for you to drop the rug off at their facility and talk you through the process. You are always welcome to drop your precious rug off with us in person at our wash facility.
    A rug cleaned by an inexperienced cleaner could be damaged in any number of ways:
    • rot could set in to the foundation
    • you could lose pile and/or fringe
    • the colours could bleed (imagine Neapolitan ice-cream left in the sun!)
    • it could smell of damp
  • Of course, and you will be greeted with a smile, the offer of tea and a 20% reduction in your cleaning bill.
  • We can offer free collection in London and the Home Counties by grouping collections in areas at mutually convenient times.
  • Most stains come out in the standard wash process. We will then treat any that remain with special solutions. However, if they are still present after that then they are permanent. If you are still determined to remove them then we can discuss the possibility of re-knotting the affected area with carefully-matched wool.
  • We will advise you of any possible problems with your rug before beginning the wash process and the expected outcome. If for any reason you don’t believe that the results have met our assessment of the results then we will wash the rug again for free!
  • Unfortunately not. Our experience means we minimise the chances of anything untoward happening to your rug whilst in our care as much as possible. However, hand-knotted and hand woven rugs can be made from various materials, using a wide variety of dyes in a myriad of different (usually untraceable) locations. Therefore rugs from certain places may shrink unevenly, and from other locations may have a propensity for certain colours to run. The cleaning process may reveals white knotheads, stains or old repairs previously unnoticeable. Or it may speed up the shedding of wool from unseen moth damage. However, not to worry as we will advise you if we suspect any of these situations and suggest remedies where appropriate as we have done for thousands of satisfied clients over the years.
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